Original Spare Parts

A warehouse with over 26,000 original Fendt and Laverda parts.

Day after day your Fendt/Laverda COMBINE HARVESTER gives you its best, and a certain synergy of all its components is required to keep it performing at this level. You can rely on Fendt/Laverda Original Spare Parts: excellent performance is only accomplished by using components which meet the specific requirements of each Fendt/Laverda model. This is the only way to achieve maximum quality and safety at all times.
Recycling is the idea behind a USED and REFURBISHED Spare Part. Up to 60% of Fendt/Laverda COMBINE HARVESTERS components can be recycled at the end of their working life. Each Refurbished Spare Part must have exactly the same quality specifications as a new Original Spare Part. This means that, not only do we help the environment, but also your kitty, as Fendt/Laverda Used and Refurbished Original Spare Parts can cost up to 50% less than new ones.