Flexible platform specially designed for soybean harvesting that allows a perfect float over any type of ground.

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Net cutting widths: 3.75 m (12.5 ft), 4.42 m (14.5 ft) or 5.35 m (17.6 ft).
The platform can be mounted on any combine brand or model just by replacing the attachment to the conveyor channel.
The SF2 platform features sensors that automatically control the cutterbar float during the operation, thus allowing to maintain a constant minimum cut height (25 mm – 1”) all across the bar.
Large feeding screw (610 mm – 24”) features retractile fingers all across the bar, this guarantees a regular feeding flow.
Long divider points can separate the most tangled beans. Supplied with quick-release hooks, they are easily folded for transportation.
Reel drive is powered by an hydraulic system independent from that of the combine. This allows the operator to simply regulate the reel RPM directly from the driving seat.

Optional: to harvest grain, barley or other products, the platform’s flexibility device can be blocked for rigid operation and the divider points can be replaced with shorter ones specific for the type of product to be harvested.