The extensive experience gained in over 20 years in the field, convinced Marchetti that he was ready to explore the possibility of starting his own business, determined to exploit his skills and knowledge to the full. In September 1989 he founded Corma S.r.l. which was based in Cassola, in the province of Vicenza. Corma's core business focused on the trading of spare parts to retailers and end-users in the area, but soon went on to slowly expand to other segments, with a growth in trading throughout domestic and international markets with the supply of original spare parts and technical advice.


This is the year in which Corma moves its facilities from the 450 sq. m warehouse in Cassola (VI) to the new plant in Sandrigo covering over 4,800 sq. m. The new headquarters are located in a highly strategic area, half way between the Dueville motorway toll gate (3 km) and the parent company Fendt/Laverda S.p.A. (2 km). This new facility was chosen with extremely good foresight, well before Corma became an Agent for Fendt/Laverda combine harvesters. The brand new modern facility was designed and developed to store, handle and repair all types of combine harvesters plus the fundamental spare parts warehouse.

2000 JUNE

Fendt/Laverda was taken over by ARGO S.p.A. That same year, Corma received its first Fendt/Laverda Agency appointment for the Veneto area, which was then extended to the provinces of Vicenza, Padua, Verona, Rovigo and part of Venice.


With over 400 Fendt/Laverda combine harvesters sold, along with millions of euro's worth of spare parts, Corma is still a major reference in the Fendt/Laverda combine harvester and spare parts trading world, and also, but by no means less important, technical assistance in Italy and countries worldwide.


16 years later, Corma is once again given the mandate to distribute the Laverda brand throughout the Veneto region. In the same year we began a process of close collaboration directly with the Agco plant in Breganze. This collaboration has allowed us to gradually increase the Corma staff from 4 technicians in 2016 to 10 today. This opportunity has allowed us to further increase our technical knowledge not only of straw walker machines, but of all hybrid and axial models produced in Breganze today marketed by Agco all over the world under the Massey Fergusson and Fendt brands.


In February 2017, the collaboration between Corma and the Gaiani Rino di Gaiani Annalisa company began, for the promotion and distribution of Valtra brand tractors in the province of Vicenza.